Honouring the memory of someone who was a symbol of everything HackFu stands for

Each of us has the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us. There are many ways we can do this, but none is more powerful than living the values that we believe are important. Then there are the people who’s impact is felt more widely than others, and no-one’s impact on those around him was greater than Fotis’.

Very early on in the planning of HackFu: Community Edition we decided to create an MVP award to be voted for by all the event participants. We’ve used this approach at previous events and have found…

When is the right time to start your company’s learning & development programme?

The CEO excitedly ripped off the packing tape and eagerly opened the cardboard box. Inside were the three new books that had been ordered online the day before. In these books lay the secrets to success in business, or at least that is what the reviews on the back promised. But they weren’t for the CEO, they had already read them, these copies were for the team. They proudly walked over to the bookcase to add the latest arrivals. But the shelves were empty. All the books placed there only two months before were now gone!

When you start your…

Sharing ideas is important when developing your market

“The organisers and crew ushered everyone into shot for the official Escape Room Industry Conference photograph. The ERIC organisers had brought together attendees who represented a wide cross-section of industries and interests. Together they were a community of passionate, like minded people, who need each other … maybe more than they realise.”

One way I’ve found to describe chronyko’s relationship with escape rooms industry is that we’re part of the extended family. …

What can game theory teach us about our business?

“Abraham Lincoln straightened his hat and fixed his stare on the cowboy stood across the table from him. The next decision he made would affect the outcome of the event his team had fought so valiantly to win. But more than that, it could affect his working relationships forever. Would he choose to split the winnings with his opponent, would he attempt to steal them, or would he have everything stolen from him? It was time to choose. The decision was made. The cards were flipped …”

This was the scene at the finale of one of our HackFu events…

How active immersive learning techniques can have a positive impact on difficult to reach young people

I usually begin my articles with a story, but this time what I have to say is the story. It’s about the results of using immersive learning techniques with disengaged young people and the positive impact it can have on them. The story I will tell comes from a Young Scot DigiKnow event that we were very privileged to be invited to be a part of. Our role was to run a “pop-up”escape game that could be used to teach over 150 young people about online safety and cybersecurity over the course of three one-day events across Scotland. …

Leadership and the Escape Game

Their progress had stalled and the team were becoming restless. The clock continued to count down and the tension in the room was rising, along with the volume of the voices. Then cutting through the chatter came a single clear and calm voice. “What if we look at this problem from a different direction. Let’s step away from it for a second and see what we know and what we’re trying to achieve.” In an instant the team’s demeanor changed, they had found their leader and they each knew that success would surely follow.

We love escape games and playing…

What your last escape game can teach you about your business performance

“Alex didn’t like solving maths puzzles in escape games. Just looking at the numbers seemed to jumble them up, maybe it was the time pressure. But then Charlie, a whizz with numbers over pressure headed their way. But they weren’t there to do the puzzle, they were only there to offer support. After a deep breath it was with Alex to solve this puzzle. This time the sums seemed to work, maybe it was just about being calm!”

We love escape games and playing them is fun, but they can also play a role in learning and development. In this…

How time constraints affect our behaviours

“The clock was counting down. The beads of sweat were forming on the brows of each of the team members as they desperately tried to complete the final puzzle. Would they manage to unlock the final piece of the machine in order to save the Universe from the impending Time Paradox? The clock was showing 10 seconds to go, nine, eight!”

If you’ve ever played an “Escape Game” then this might be an all too familiar scenario for you. And for those of you who have never heard of an escape game, how best to describe it … well in…

“In the gloom of the operations room the five Presidents huddled together with the arbitrator. The flickering of the electric lights, as the generator strained to maintain the required current, was the only sign that they were deep underground in a bunker. But that was far from the minds of these individuals, elected as leaders by their respective super-states, who were now completely focused on saving the world from nuclear Armageddon.”

The world stands on the brink of destruction, will the participants come together to save it?

The participants in this event had been brought to the safety of a secret nuclear bunker, with a clear mission to save the world, two days beforehand. They needed…

Martyn Ruks

Founder of chronyko, an immersive learning and development business — https://chronyko.com

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